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Technology Brokers

Logic-6 will be happy to be your first contributor for all your technology needs. Indeed, our company deals with finding, for you, the suppliers who will best meet your requirements, without having to pay any extra fees.

Through partnerships with suppliers, whose names are synonymous with excellence, Logic-6 has become a benchmark in the business.

The members of the Logic-6 team have worked in the IT industry for a long time which gives the organization a well-established reputation. They have considerable expertise and know most of the solutions on the market.

What is a Broker?

A broker informs and connects clients to experts. They search and choose companies which are the more suitable for the project. A broker saves the customer time and brings a guarantee of "quality" with carefully selected professionals.

Here are SIX questions to ask to your IT consultant:

  1. What solutions would best meet my needs?
  2. Who should I partner with?
  3. Who will train my team?
  4. How can I protect my technology environment?
  5. Have I optimized my acquisition and negotiation processes?
  6. Am I paying the right price?

Get answers to all your questions when you opt for a Logic-6 broker—FREE!



Our mission

Reduce risk by supporting you in the acquisition of the best possible business solutions to help you meet your company’s goals.