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Software asset management

Our recognized expertise in Microsoft licensing and of major companies’ software is at your disposal. We can help you choosebuy and deploy these solutions in order to manage your software assets efficiently.

Our subsidiary firm, LG6, can also help you manage your software assets. Our team analyzes your needs and license usage while comparing them with the licenses you own. It then proposes strategies to reduce your license fees and increase the profits you make, while ensuring that everything is in line with the publisher's rights of use.

Examples of mandates:

  • Licensing audit and audit assistance
  • Optimization and negotiation of licensing contracts
  • Training and support on rights of use
  • Impact Grid with open source software
  • Software Asset Management – SAM (Consulting or Outsourcing)
  • Resale and integration of SAM tools
  • Developing licensing programs for companies’ software



Our mission

Reduce risk by supporting you in the acquisition of the best possible business solutions to help you meet your company’s goals.